About Polo Tom


Tom Goodspeed has spent four decades wearing almost every hat one could wear in the sport of polo. National Collegiate Champion, Professional Player, achieved a 5 goal handicap outdoors and 9 in the arena, Captain of the LA Colts & Stars thru the historic Pro Arena Polo era in LA, 20 yrs of Club Management [...]

Clinics & Consulting


Most players have become familiar with Goodspeed’s training videos, dvds, and instructional articles. Not everyone is aware of all of the vast experience Goodspeed has accumulated in a number of different categories in polo that can be of great benefit to both players and clubs alike. After graduating from the University of Connecticut with two [...]

On-Site Training

Covered Arena at Irving Polo Club

Goodspeed feels that one of Polo U’s greatest strengths is that it is a neutral site that will be a non-threatening environment to other professionals, their sponsors, team coaches, and students coming from other instructors for a couple of very simple reasons. There are no side-agendas at Polo U, no pros looking for jobs, no [...]

Course Descriptions and Overview

Polo U courses are available for all ages; juniors, students, and adults. Through Polo U we offer 1-hr sessions, full day sessions, and week-long sessions during the summer. If a 1-hr session isn’t enough there are also 4 lesson packages available for purchase.  Polo U is not the usual “just go play chukkers” method reinforcing what is already holding you back.  Rather, Polo U is designed to get under the hood with one of the most experienced instructors in polo to make the necessary repairs to send you back out with the tools to perform better. Upon arrival, student’s playing abilities are assessed and placed in one of three lesson programs: Polo Basics,  Polo AP and Polo PHD. Again, no matter what level of program we offer 1-hr sessions, full-day sessions and week-long sessions (offered seasonally) We also offer 1 on 1 training, which can be geared toward any level of expertise Polo U has some additional benefits to the normal training scenario. It is not threatening... 

The Four Levels of Polo U:


1 on 1

This is just as it implies and can be geared to any of the three levels of expertise. Polo 1on1 allows us to accommodate those players who want a fully custom package that caters to the individual’s specific needs and busy time schedules. CEO Polo Intro Lesson Series 4 lessons-$500 Have you ever wondered about this sport that is surrounded by Royalty and Celebrity? Do you like having a place very close to home that you can get away from it all? Polo at any level of play is simply a ton... 



As the name indicates, this is a course that is geared to those players at the novice levels of play. This level would normally be appropriate for entry-level handicaps and would normally be best suited to alternates on collegiate varsity, collegiate JV players, most scholastic level players, middle-school, and elementary school age groups. For adult players, this is the appropriate level for players with limited riding skills and for those just getting into polo. This level is also sometimes... 



Polo advanced placement is for intermediate level players comfortable at a gallop and are hitting their basic shots reasonably well. This level is normally best suited for those on varsity team rosters or scholastic players with solid riding skill and already possessing tournament experience. Adult players interested in this course need to be comfortable at a gallop and are ok on their off-side shots.  Read More

LA Pro Polo Action


This level is restricted to either handicapped players with tournament experience, varsity collegiate team members who have qualified with their team for Nationals, any player who has logged enough hours of play & riding to have the necessary base set of skills and have the desire to develop into higher handicapped players. For Adult Amateurs, this level would be suitable for those who have been participating at the tournament level for several years.  Read More