Polo Basics DVD Series

The benchmark of polo training videos that received the label of “Simply the Best” by POLO Magazine, just got better. All five lessons of the Polo Basics series are now available in DVD format. Players looking to improve their skills can now benefit from the advantages that are packaged with the DVD format. The most exciting feature is that the viewer can now access their subject of particular interest with a simple click on any one of the listed chapter titles. Each DVD is packed with Tom Goodspeed’s four decades of experience. The wealth of information provided is not well suited for a single viewing. This chapter feature will let you use Polo Basics in the DVD format, as they have already proven to be, a wonderful reference for many years to come. In addition, the new format allows the polo players on the run to take the DVD with them to view from their laptops. Order now to take your game to new levels in the most effective manner, one subject at a time.

Polo Basic DVD Series
All 5 DVDs

Price: $500.00

Lesson 1 – Malletwork
60 min.

Mallet structure, proper grip, the components of each swing, and how to apply them correctly. This lesson starts with a foot mallet and then continues to the swings, carefully demonstrated on horseback. This DVD is directed to the beginner, but this lesson has helped correct the swings of many novice and intermediate players as well.

Price: $140.00

Lesson 2 – Polo Equitation
90 min.

Building the necessary foundation for polo through basic equitation. Special overhead views offer the viewer an excellent perspective of how to apply the correct use of seat,legs, hands, and eyes to obtain the desired results. The DVD includes position, rein aids, natural and artificial aids, lead transitions, lead changes, roll-backs, turning, circles, and much more.

Price: $140.00

Lesson 3 – Defensive Skills
40 min.

Defensive Skills  covers both the ride-off and the hook. This lesson explains proper procedures, how to place yourself in a position of advantage, how to get the most from your horse in the ride-off, how to get the hook, and how to avoid it. This DVD uses live game footage to help illustrate the desired results.

Price: $140.00

Lesson 4 – Outdoor Strategy
120 min.

Thirty years of experience are offered in this two hour capsule of proper procedures and the strategy of outdoor play. This DVD covers throw-ins, foul shots, knock-ins, positions, and more. You are encouraged to watch this tape in smaller increments to get the most benefit. Goodspeed’s main medium in this lesson is a magnetic board to provide the viewer with an overhead view through a very thorough presentation.

Price: $140.00

Lesson 5 – Arena Strategy
120 min.

In addition to the use of a magnetic board, Goodspeed adds some game footage in this lesson to help demonstrate the discussion. The DVD covers throw-ins, foul shots, team play, positions, corner, and wall play. Again Goodspeed advises shorter viewing, working on one or two subjects offered in the lesson, and then returning to the lesson DVD for more.

Price: $140.00

These DVDs are reviewed and endorsed by the Polo Training Foundation of the USPA.

Goodspeed, previously handicapped at 5 goals outdoors, and currently 9 goals in the arena, has over twenty-five years of teaching experience.

He has authored numerous instructional articles and serves on several USPA committees.